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Wearing makeup has become the norm in today’s modern society. Makeup brands from all over the world account for the billions of dollars the makeup industry gets every year. Most of these brands offer their products online through various forms. Some have their own exclusive website while others partner with big makeup marketplace to showcase their products. But no matter where you plan to get your next highlighter or eyeshadow palette, make sure you read these tips for buying makeup online.

Stick with technology

So many beauty websites that exist today still rely on very old technology. They are essentially marketplaces where products are displayed page after page. There are very few filters you can apply, sometimes only a very crude search bar to help you narrow down your search.

Newer websites and apps, on the other hand, have managed to keep up with the times and have made good use of the latest technology in AI and face mapping to create features such as augmented reality to help consumers see how they might look after they put on makeup. Even without touching the makeup, they will be able to know how the makeup will look on their skin.

Not only is this kind of technology make it convenient for users to use but it also encourages them to make a purchase after seeing how it might look on them.

Try social media shopping

I’m sure you’ve seen the sheer amount of beauty bloggers and makeup gurus who constantly promote their products online, be it on their official website or on their social media pages. You can make use of social media as a way to find great beauty products even if they don’t come from popular big-name brands.

Smaller, locally-owned, and operated makeup brands regularly market their products on social media like Facebook and Instagram. This is because there is very little investment needed in terms of launching and maintaining a website. Communication with these sellers is also easy when done through these popular platforms. Supporting local businesses is also a great way to help these smaller brands compete with the bigger ones with massive resources and greater reach.

Check ratings and reviews

It should be standard practice in all your online shopping to first check product reviews and ratings before buying the product. There is a ton of information you can get from these pages that you won’t get anywhere else. You can see how actual customers feel about the product and how their experience is when they used it.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all these reviews should be trusted completely. In the case of Amazon, for example, there have been a number of allegations claiming that Amazon has fake reviews posted in order to boost the popularity of the product. This also happens to smaller brands. Make sure you check that the reviews posted are from actual customers who bought the product and have used it for themselves.

Go to review sites

A number of dedicated websites purely for review have cropped up online and they are a massive help to people looking for particular products. Some sites exclusively feature makeup to check over here. What’s great about these sites is they also compare prices with other similar brands with the same products to help you narrow down your choice. What’s more, they also feature a pros-and-cons-list which summarizes the good and the bad about the product.

Sites like Beastsellersreview operate through associate links so the moment you purchase by clicking on the link; they get a sort of commission. This ensures that their content is legitimate since they lose the interest of their customers if they’re only faking their reviews.

Find rewards programs and giveaways

The competition in the makeup world is cut-throat and tough. Brands constantly try to outdo one another and they will do anything to get the attention of their target audience including offering a lot of giveaways and promos.

If you plan on buying your makeup online, make sure you sign up for these giveaways and rewards programs. These can save you a ton of cash on your purchases. Programs like that of Sephora’s VIB Insider program will feature sneak peeks of new makeup and skincare products at a reduced price since they haven’t been released yet. They might also include free samples together with your purchases to encourage you to get the product in full size.

Buying makeup today is easier and simpler than it was a couple of years ago. The number of brands offering their products has created a healthy competition that forced many brands to offer quality products at an affordable price. But you can still fall prey to fake and subpar makeup online when you’re not careful.