Cost of Living in Atlanta Vs Boston | Detailed Comparison

Atlanta is a place of peaceful nature combined with its attractive culture and modern utilities. With Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the city is in its prime and still going.

Meanwhile, Boston is another great city to live in if you want to have a high-quality life. Having its unique cultural trait, the city has gotten a lot of time to improve itself. Now it is holding 16 neighborhoods with friendly residents.

Before planning a move to a new city, it is important to calculate your budget. Since the cost of living is the major factor to check as you start a new life. Below, you can find the differentiation between the cost of living in Atlanta and Boston-

Utility Bills

Well, utility bills cover up a great amount from your budget. Since many minor bills come to plays here, like electricity, gas, or garbage, they add up to a lot. On average, you will have to save up $167 on utility bills in Atlanta. On the other hand, in Boston, the monthly utility bill is $172.

If you consider internet bills, then add $71 more in Atlanta and $66.45 in Boston.

As a result, Boston is still in the lead by having a much utility cost. However, it has a cheaper internet bill.


If you want to have a simple meal from an inexpensive restaurant in Atlanta, have $14 ready. It is a bit higher in Boston with a $20 cost. To have a meal with a partner in a mid-end restaurant, the cost will be $50 in Atlanta and $80 in Boston.

If you want to cook your food yourself, the groceries will cost you an average of $428.99 in Boston and $324 in Atlanta. So, Boston has an overall higher cost of food.


If you don’t get a monthly pass, you will cost more in Boston than Atlanta on transportation. The monthly pass cost of Atlanta is $95, and it is %90 for Boston. 1-liter gasoline costs $0.64 in Boston and 0.61 in Atlanta.

Rental Cost

Renting a housing unit is the first thing to do after moving. Like most other cities in America, Boston and Atlanta also have seen a rising in their rental cost throughout the years. If you want to live in the city center, you will have to cost around $1,567 monthly in a one-bedroom apartment. Meanwhile, in Boston, this cost is $2,689. That makes it 42% expensive.

If you are moving with a family and going for a three-bedroom apartment in the city center, you will cost $2,900 per month on rent in Atlanta and $4,415 in Boston. The difference is around 34%.

For a studio apartment in Atlanta, the rental rate is $885. In Boston, it is $1815. That is also a huge difference. As you can see, Boston is highly expensive in terms of apartment rental rates.


Well, it is clear that Atlanta has a cheaper living cost compared to Boston. However, remember that being expensive comes with many amenities too. Not to mention, being a bit cheaper doesn’t redeem the facilities that Atlanta provides. Both are very charming places to settle down.