Know The Different Career Opportunities After Doing AWS Certification

Amazon AWS is one of the key players in providing reliable cloud services and tools. Its AWS certification enables professionals to use these tools and implement different features on this platform.

According to Forbes, each of the five AWS certifications offered by Amazon ensures a minimum salary of $100,000. This article hopes to explore the different career paths and opportunities you can avail as an AWs certified professional.

AWS Learning Paths

The AWS certifications are categorized into role-based learning paths that include:

  1. Cloud Practitioner Learning Path

This learning path caters to the needs of individuals who want to build and validate the overall understanding of the AWS platform. It helps them perform well in technical, managerial, sales, purchasing, or financial roles.

  1. Developer Learning Path

This path is designed for software developers who want to take on the role of an AWS Cloud Developer by learning the development of cloud applications on AWS Sysops Certification in Paris.

  1. Architect Learning Path

This learning path trains professionals who wish to take up the roles of Solutions Architects, Solution Design Engineers. It trains them to design applications and systems on AWS.

  1. Operations Learning Path

This path is for future SysOps administrators, Systems Administrators, and those who wish to work in a DevOps role. It focuses on teaching the candidates how to create automatable and repeatable deployments of applications, networks, and systems on the AWS Cloud platform.

Benefits Of Being AWS Certified

AWS certifications are sought by many seasoned professionals who wish to upgrade their skills and freshers who are stepping into the world of cloud computing. Being a certified professional always gives you an edge over your contemporaries and helps broaden your horizons.

The following benefits are a significant factor in the popularity of the AWS certifications:

  • Manageable Learning Pace

The certification training allows you to prepare for the exam at your own pace. You need to select any on-demand training relevant to your role, solution area, and level of expertise and then dedicate some amount of time towards completing that without hampering other aspects of your life.

  • Expert Instructors

AWS certification training with an IT training expert like Koenig Solutions ensures that you are trained by an AWS Expert or an accredited tutor who will help you build technical skills through in-person or virtual courses.

  • Role-based Training

Once you are aware of the roles you would like to apply for or take up at your organization, you can pick any one of the Learning Paths and complete each level to build your cloud skills.

  • Global Standard In Cloud Computing

Obtaining an AWS certification validates your skills since these certifications are recognized across the world as far as a professional’s credibility is concerned.

Job Prospects With AWS Certifications

According to Forbes, AWS Certified Solution Architect is the most popular among all the AWS training and certification programs, and according to a survey, it is also the highest paying one with a median salary of $139,529.

However, with every industry incorporating cloud platforms into their business proceedings, the needs for professionals who are well-versed with cloud security, development and maintenance are ever-growing.

As mentioned above, AWS allows a professional to opt for any one of its specific suites of certifications:

  • AWS Solutions Architect 

The salary of an AWS Architect in India begins at around ₹4,80,000 per annum but may go up to more than ₹3,000,000 per annum. Solutions Architect is an independent stream and, in this role, you will be expected to build secure and reliable applications on the AWS platform.

  • AWS Developer

The average salary of a certified AWS Developer at the Associate level in India is ₹906,921.

  • Certified SysOps Administrator

The average salary of a Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate is almost ₹920,027 in India.

AWS DevOps cloud certification can be obtained by opting for either Developer or SysOps Learning Path, or both. In this role, you shall gain experience in provisioning and managing AWS-based applications and also develop a firm understanding of modern application development, such as the agile development methodology.


AWS is a world leader in delivering tools and services in the cloud space, with multiple companies having invested in or planning to invest in their development. This makes it evident that AWS certification courses are here to stay, and committing to them will help you reap the rewards in the future.

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