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Suffering From Bone Disorder? Try These

Problems that are related to bones (bone disorder) are getting quite common now. This is because most of us follow unhealthy diets and consume way too much junk food. In order to improve your health, you should focus on your diet. Bone related problems are linked to your diet. If you are consuming soda and sugar in your diet then it will affect your bone health. 

Consuming foods that are rich in calcium and protein, doing strength training, and some other important things will help in improving your bone health. Foods like bone broth, seafood, green vegetables, and nuts are good for your health. Try to consume them as much as you can to make your bones more strong. 

Bone disorder like osteoporosis and arthritis are quite common now and these are chronic disorders that don’t have a permanent treatment. So all you can do is follow a set of good habits that will lead to better bone health and this will help in preventing any further damage to your bones. The following is the list of some tips and habits that you should follow in order to improve your bone health. 


Like I mentioned before that there are certain foods that you should consume in order to improve your bone health, similarly, there are some foods that can trigger inflammation in your body and you should be aware of them. Consuming foods that contain processed meat, fried food, and spinach should be avoided. All these foods are not good for your bone health. Processed meat and fried food can trigger inflammation, whereas spinach will reduce the consumption of calcium from the foods you eat. This is why avoiding these foods is very important if you want to have better bone health. 


Our bones are made from calcium and protein and if one of these two nutrients is not consumed in a good quantity then your bones will get weaker. If you are already suffering from a bone disorder then you should be focused more on your diet and what you eat. More than 40% of our bones are made from protein and if your protein consumption is low then you will have more bone-related problems. Foods like beef bone broth, green vegetables, lean meat, and seafood are some of the foods that are rich in calcium, protein, and collagen. 


Daily workout will help in maintaining your weight at a healthy level. If you don’t have any physical activity then you will have weak muscles and weak bones. People who suffer from bone disorder should be very careful with their bone and muscle health. Having a good workout routine will help in improving your overall bone health. Try not to put too much stress on your bones as they can damage them as well. Consult a physical trainer and they will teach you which exercise will suit your bones condition. 


Like I mentioned above that staying on a healthy weight is very important. If you are overweight then your bones won’t be able to bear the weight and this can lead to risk of fractures. People who are overweight are more likely to have fractured bones than those who are fit and have a maintained weight. Being overweight can also make your bones to get weak. If you are losing and gaining weight constantly, this also aids in making your bones weak. 


Consume more liquid in your diet. This will help in reducing the risk of inflammation and water retention in your body. Consuming citrus juices will also help in improving your health. Vitamin C is important for bone health because it helps in producing more collagen in your body. So try to drink orange, berries, and kiwi juice to increase the amount of vitamin C that you consume. 


Following these simple health tips will help a lot. As they are great for your bone health. People who follow a healthy diet and physical activity don’t have to deal with bone-related issues. The only problem is that the percentage of such people is quite low. So try to follow these tips and improve your bone health.