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Ways To Create Lifetime Memories With Your GirlFriends On Valentine’s Day

While most of your friends are busy buying gifts and surprising their boyfriends with various gifts, is it true that you feel lonely and wish that you had someone special in life? Well, it is natural! With February setting in, you can spot red roses, hearts, balloons and beautiful cards and cakes everywhere. While half of the world is dipped in celebrations, are you sitting in your room, scrolling through the internet and wondering what you, being single, can do to spend Valentine’s Day in full swing? Well, we have a suggestion for you. If you are single and have no special one to celebrate the day with, this Valentine’s Day creates unlimited memories with your girlfriends and makes for a memorable evening. Sounds like a good idea right? But how? Here are a few amazing ways in which you can make countless memories with your girlfriends on Valentine’s Eve. So, gather all your single girlfriends and plan one of the most happening evenings of your life.


We are sure that with a busy schedule, you hardly get time to dine with your friends or go out to watch a movie, unless it is a special occasion. Make this Valentine’s Day all about you and your friends. Plan a lunch and make sure that you make it happen this time. Take time out of your busy schedules, book a table at your favourite restaurant and order your favourite food. Chat about the recent events in your lives and click selfies together.

Go Shopping

Shopping is one of the best things that girls are good at, especially when they are with their girlfriends. Go out on a shopping spree with your girls and try out some of the best clothes in the store. It is real fun to shop with your squad and you can have all the expert advice that you want. It is just like therapy to let your girlfriends decide what looks good on you and what not, and all you have to do is pay the bill.

Head Out For An Adventure Activity

This is real fun and you can look for adventure activities around the city and head out on one of these adventures. You can go for activities like paintball, go karting, hiking, rock climbing and have a wonderful time with your squad. You can also go for tours around the city and explore some of the best attractions with your girls.

Go For A Night Out

A night out at your friend’s place is one of the coolest ideas to spend time with your girls. We are sure that it has been many years since you have enjoyed a night with your friends, and what better occasion to do it on Valentine’s Day. You can also arrange for a cake delivery service in Delhi, Hyderabad or wherever you are and enjoy this delicacy with your friends. Open your heart out, binge on Netflix, dance your legs off and click 1000 pictures to be used as Facebook birthday images later! But remember what happens on night-in stays in the night-in.

Go on a Long Drive Together

Long drives are calm and soothing and there is nothing better than a log drive with your girlfriends. A beautiful evening, with your friends by your side, good music and the city lights, what else do you need to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can also plan a short road trip and venture on a beautiful journey with your amazing friends.

We hope that you must have finalized your Valentine’s Day plans after reading this article. Valentine’s Day is also about celebrating bonds and friendships with your loved ones and if you still haven’t found the special someone in your life, let’s celebrate this day with a twist.