Why Wooden Pallet is a Good Choice?

One worse scenario in having to deal with suppliers is delayed delivery timeframes. However, this usually happens during a bad weather condition. The worst is – having a low-quality product.

Companies that transport goods often need pallets in their day-to-day services. Daily use could mean such pallets should be of a high-quality standard that can withstand a day-to-day barrage of workloads. Thus, such companies should choose a reliable and trusted pallet supplier.

Demand and Use for Pallets Overtime

Pallets were not made if not for the advent of the first fork-lift truck in 1915. Before that, people used to transport goods by way of a “skid” which dates to ancient Egyptian times. Such a simple wooden thing, but of high importance. Without it, a huge task and accomplishment, like the great pyramids, could not have been finished.

The demand for pallets shot up during the Second World War, where war goods and supplies are being transported worldwide. After the war, many business companies saw the potential of this product, and so patents were being made to secure the exclusive right for this technical solution to transporting, and even storage problems. A four-way pallet and a disposable pallet were patented in 1945.

Many of today’s modern big companies could not have made it if it were not for these pallets. These wooden materials are used to stack, store, transport, and even protect finished or raw products. Almost all medium to large-scale businesses use pallets, one way or another. Imagine a pallet supplier, transacting business with these big companies – that would be equivalent to a great profit!

Wood Pallets vs Plastic Pallets

The advent of plastic pallets has put the wood pallets off their feet. Nevertheless, wood pallets have many advantages. Wood pallets are very sturdy as they can support very heavy products. There is no limit to how much weight it can support, as products that can be shipped locally or internationally are concerned.

It is also easy to custom design a wood pallet to cater to whatever product a company wants to ship. A wood pallet can be of any size without much additional cost, aside from standard size pallets. A wooden pallet supplier that uses, for example, timber, surely is a government compliant company and an eco-friendly one. Woods used for pallets are either softwood or hardwood.

Type of Materials for Wooden Pallets

Hardwood is part of the flowering plant classification called angiosperms. Some of the hardwoods include walnut, mahogany, teak, maple, and oaks – with oak as the frequently used hardwood for pallets. However, it is a well-known fact that products made of hardwoods are durable.

On the other hand, softwood pallets are used to minimize the cost of production. They came from gymnosperm trees such as pines or spruce trees. Around 80% of them are softwood –  with timber, making them the most common counterpart for hardwood pallets.


Because of climate change, many companies nowadays are becoming aware and knowledgeable about environmentally friendly and ecologically healthy practices. Even the government has established laws that surely follow protocols and procedures that will not be harmful to the environment. One such environmental advocacy is going green. Going green advocates, the use of certain products or materials that are truly reusable and recyclable.

Author: Nora George