We have multiple topic on which you can write for us, we require a unique easy to understand content. Through which or readers can get the authentic information about the topic you are going to write on. You can also offer an individual problem-solving content for the audience according to your niche. Please provide a solution oriented material that covers the topic all around.

Guidelines of writing the copy:

Priority should be relevancy and limit of the content, the average length of the content should be around 700-800 words.

  • Two backlinks will be permitted in the content of 800 or more words.
  • Featured Image should not be more then 700×500
  • The content should be written according to the SEO Yoast plugin.
  • The document should some up the solution with in the document.
  • Content should be SEO friendly
  • Please only attach relevant images
  • Keep in mind that you are solving an issue faced by your reader; it should be simple enough to understand by the majority of people.
  • Do not make your explanation too complex or expert abbreviation unless needed.