5 Tricks To Improve The Longevity Of Your Mac

If you call Melbourne home, then you’re definitely in a great location. Living here assures you get excellent security and safe neighbourhoods. Though this capital city of Victoria in the Land Down Under is the second most densely populated town, it is rated high in terms of safety. People also flock here for its unique laneway culture. Most of all, job opportunities are abundant here as this is the tech hub of Australia, with most technology corporations setting up their headquarters.

If you happen to live here and own a Macintosh, you don’t have to worry about mac repairs in Melbourne, in case of any problem. These computers are pretty expensive, so it is understandable why you want to prolong the life of your investment. Professional technicians agree that they can run well for years if you take care of them. Though they are not immune to slowdowns, issues, and bugs over time, you can do your best to keep it running well. Consider the following tips to keep your Mac in optimal working condition:

  1. Do Regular Backups

Though your Mac is generally reliable, it can still encounter hard drive issues and other problems that can compromise your precious data. As such, make it a part of your routine to back up your files at least once a week. This can save you the hassle and aggravation of having to salvage and recovery of missing files. Another option is using a cloud base service so you can just keep it on a cloud instead of using an external drive.

  1. Minimize Utilities in the Background

Most technicians providing refurbished macbook pro repairs in Melbourne note that the most common problem that bogs down your computer is having too many utilities/services running in the background. From apps to Bluetooth, all of these open elements run in the background at the same time. Hence, it will entirely use up your RAM and make your computer run at a snail’s pace. To prevent sluggishness and other issues, close down what you’re not using.

  1. Beef Up Protection with Anti-Malware Software

Those who say that Macs are not prone to viruses or malware are spouting a myth. Just like regular PCs, your Mac is vulnerable too. Today, cybercriminals have created malware that targets the Mac OS. As such, you must make it your priority to install a good antivirus or malware program. This will block threats and scan your system for any infection. If you don’t know what to do, seek help from a professional.

  1. Clean Up Old and Unused Files

Your machine only has a finite storage space. This holds true especially for the slimmer and smaller models without extensive hard drive space. In this instance, make it a habit to clean out old files from jpegs to mp3s. Cleaning your system assures you that you have sufficient free disk space that keeps your computer running all the time efficiently. As a general rule of thumb, most pros say to leave at least 10% of free disk space for seamless operations. Besides, if you don’t keep your things clutter in your room, you should do the same for your machine.

  1. Run and Execute Existing Disk Utility

Most people don’t know that all Mac computers come with a Disk Utility program. You can see this in your system’s ‘Utilities’ folder, which is a sub-folder of the ‘Applications’ folder. It would be best to find this so you can run the utility at least four times a year. Making this a habit ensures your computer stays clean and functional as it can repair corrupt files.

Author name:- Nora George