QuickBooks Error 1903: Fix the Installation Error

Being a QuickBooks user, you must be trying to install QuickBooks update or a fresh version of QuickBooks. When trying to do so or open it after installation, you might experience QuickBooks Error 1903. This error occurs with or without an error message, mainly due to damaged Windows components. 

Using an outdated version of Windows can also be the reason behind error code 1903. You must quickly fix this error to install or open your QuickBooks without issues. To help you with the same, we are writing this comprehensive guide with a list of possible causes and suitable fixes. So, make sure you’re reading this guide till the end. 


Following this guide can be exhausting for you, or you might require professional help. In that case, connect with QB experts on +1-(855)-955-1942 and consult the issues you are facing 

What Causes Error Code 1903 When Installing QuickBooks? 


Let’s get familiar with the possible reasons that trigger error code 1903 during QuickBooks installation or when trying to open after. 

  • The Windows components might be damaged on your computer. 
  • Using an outdated version of QuickBooks during QB installation. 
  • Active third-party antivirus programs can trigger error 1903 when installing QuickBooks. 

Use These Methods to Troubleshoot Install Error 1903 in QuickBooks

After getting familiar with the possible reasons behind error code 1903, you must be wondering how you are going to fix it. Move to the below section and follow the troubleshooting solutions mentioned below.  

Solution 1: Repair the Damaged Microsoft MSXML Files

If the MSMXL DLL files aren’t available, you cannot download or install any program on your computer. Here’s how to fix the damaged Windows components.

A. Register the MSXML DLL files for the 64-bit operating system 

  • Open the Windows Start menu, and in the search field, type ‘CMD.’ 
  • Right-click the ‘Command Prompt’ icon and select ‘Run as an administrator’ from the displayed options. 
  • Click ‘Yes’ to permit it to make changes on your computer. 
  • Open the ‘Command prompt,’ type ‘cd\windows\syswow64.’
  • Again, type ‘regsv32 MSXML6.dll’ and hit ‘Enter.’
  • Once done, retry to install QuickBooks. 

B. For 32-bit operating system 

  • Open the ‘Run’ prompt’ by typing the ‘Windows + R’ keys on your keyboard. 
  • Enter ‘cmd’ in the open field of the ‘Run’ prompt and hit ‘Enter.’
  • Type ‘regsvr32 MSXML6.dll and hit ‘Enter.’
  • Install the QuickBooks Desktop again to make sure error 1903 is fixed. 

Solution 2: Download the Windows Update 


Follow the steps given below to download and install the Windows update.

  • Go to your computer’s toolbar and click the Windows icon. 
  • In the Control Panel’s search bar, type ‘Control Panel’ and click ‘Enter.’
  • From the left pane of your screen, select ‘Windows Update.’
  • Click ‘Check for updates’ next to ‘You’re up to date.’
  • If the Windows updates are available, download and install them. 
  • Try installing QuickBooks again or opening it after installation to ensure error 1903 is fixed. 

Solution 3: Install QuickBooks in the Selective Startup Mode 

The selective startup mode on your computer allows you to choose the applications you want to disable from the background when installing any program. You can turn off the antivirus software and install QB without interruptions. 

  • Open the ‘Run’ by pressing the ‘Windows icon + R keys’ together.
  • Type ‘msconfig’ and press ‘Enter.’
  • From the ‘General’ tab, select ‘Selective Startup.’
  • Also, select the ‘Load system services’ options and then go to the ‘Services’ tab. 
  • Select the ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’ checkbox below the list, then click ‘Disable All.’
  • Uncheck the ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’ option and then select ‘Windows Installer’ from the list of services. 
  • Click ‘OK’ and then ‘Restart’ the Windows operating system. 


Once ‘Selective Startup’ mode is ON, uninstall the available version of QuickBooks on your computer and try to install it again to ensure error 1903 is fixed. 

This comprehensive guide contains all the required information to eliminate QuickBooks Error 1903. If this error persists even after following this guide, we suggest you get help from experts by dialing +1-(855)-955-1942. The team of QB experts is highly professional and available to handle this task on your behalf. 

Q1: Where can I find the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool?

A1: The QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool can be downloaded from the official Intuit website. It is a tool designed to automatically diagnose and fix issues with the QuickBooks installation process.

Q2: How do I update Windows to resolve Error 1903?

A2: To update Windows, go to the Start menu, select Settings, then click on Update & Security. Check for updates and install any available updates. Ensure your system is connected to the internet during this process.

Q3: Can QuickBooks Error 1903 be prevented?

A3: While it’s not always possible to prevent errors, you can reduce the likelihood of QuickBooks Error 1903 by ensuring your system meets the minimum requirements for QuickBooks, keeping Windows and QuickBooks updated, and following proper installation procedures.

Q4: Is there a specific version of .NET Framework required for QuickBooks?

A4: Yes, QuickBooks requires a specific version of .NET Framework. Ensure that your system has the correct version installed. You can find this information on the QuickBooks system requirements page on the official Intuit website.

Q5: Should I seek professional help to fix QuickBooks Error 1903? A8: If you are unable to resolve QuickBooks Error 1903 using the suggested troubleshooting steps, it may be advisable to seek assistance from a qualified IT professional or contact QuickBooks support for further guidance.Artiele post on searchAllArticle