A Guide to the Salary Structure for IBPS RRB Officer Scale 2

Regional Rural Banks are commercial banks operating in India’s regional areas to cater to the rural audience with basic banking and financial services. The IBPS conducts recruitment exams every year for selecting officers for various Regional Rural Banks.

The nature of work, salary, promising career growth and job security make it one of the sought-after roles in the banking career.

The Officer Scale 2 category is a prestigious position employing candidates at the managerial level to oversee the financial requirements of various industries in the area. If you are an aspirant in this domain, here is everything you should know about the IBPS RRB officer scale 2 salary structure and allowances.

IBPS RRB Officer Scale 2 Responsibilities

Once a candidate is appointed for any post in the Officer Scale 2 category, they will undergo training otherwise considered a probation period. During this period, the candidate will be eligible to receive a primary and fixed amount of salary lesser than their usual pay scale.

The RRB scale 2 categories are essentially Managerial level posts. And their job profile is given below.

  • The officers under this category come under various positions like Marketing Officers, Agriculture Officers, Treasury Officers, Chartered Accountants, Information Technology Officers, and Law Officers.
  • Those candidates eligible for the Officer Scale 2 posts are responsible for taking over and ensuring the respective departments’ progressive performance and enable banking services to reach the rural masses.

IBPS RRB Basic Pay – Officer Scale 2

Compared to Officer Scale 1 category’s salary ranges from Rs. 28000 to Rs.31000/- with an in-hand wage of Rs.29350/-, Officer Scale 2 will receive a significantly higher pay scale. Adding up all the allowances and incentives based on the regional bank you are deputed to, you may also be eligible for additional allowances.

Even for the IBPS RRB officer scale 2 salary, there is basic pay. Basic pay is the fixed amount of earnings that any employee will be eligible for based on their post. The in-hand compensation for IBPS RRB officers’ scale two at present varies from Rs.33000 to Rs.39000/-.

Officer Scale 2 Salary Structure

IBPS RRB Officer Scale 2 comprising of specialist recruited candidates in managerial level posts can avail a 100% Dearness Allowance (DA) when they are newly recruited. The basic pay scale for the managers ranges from Rs.33000 to Rs. 39000/-.

The starting salary for the IBPS RRB officer scale two will be approximately Rs. 39300/-.

Allowance Details

  • House Rent Allowance based on the job location.
  • Dearness Allowance of 46.5% is provided to the officers.
  • A compensatory city allowance is offered if the employees live in metro cities to compensate for their living costs.
  • Special Allowance of 7.75%.
  • Overtime Allowance of around Rs. 150 to Rs. 200/ hour.
  • Newspaper Allowance of Rs 200 to 300/month. This allowance depends on the RRB that the employee is working at.
  • An average of Rs.8000/ year for medical reimbursement.
  • Conveyance allowance for petrol expenses and such.
  • Leave travel allowance.
  • Furniture allowance of approximately Rs. 1.25 lakh for five years.


With IBPS RRB posts offering promising career growth, you will eventually be eligible for hikes and promotions with higher pay scales and incentives once you gain good working knowledge and experience in the

Author: Nora George