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Necessary Fishing Equipment For A Successful Fishing Trip

Fishing is a great way to spend a weekend. One can bond with their family over a nice picnic. If one hasn’t yet tried fishing, it’s never too late. The success of a fishing trip depends on choosing the right equipment and technique. Some of the essential equipment used in fishing are:

Fishing rod – These are slender poles usually made of graphite or fibreglass. A medium strength rod is suitable for a beginner as it enables the angler to fish different kinds of fish. It is easier to feel the fish bite with the right type of rod, and the user can pull the fish out of the water at the right time. The ideal length of the fishing rod should be 30 centimetres more than the angler’s height.

Fishing reelFishing reels are attached to the rod to help the angler wind the line and draw the catch. Many rods and fishing reels combos are available in the market, suitable for all anglers, from beginners to professionals.

Fishing line – A new fishing reel might already come with a fishing line, but it’s always a good idea to keep a buffer as the line can get tangled up. These are available as per the strength and weight the line can take.

Hook – attached to the farther end of the line is a hook. This hook holds the bait, and the fish gets caught in the hook while biting onto the bait. There are many sizes available, depending on the size of the fish one wishes to capture.

Bait – A hook holds the bait for the fish. It could be a live bait like minnows and worms or cheap options like corn, bread, marshmallows, etc. Different kinds of fish are attracted to different types of bait, so the angler should choose a bait as per the fish they wish to catch.

Lures – These are artificial baits like plastic fish or worms. One can use them if they have run out of living bait or catch a specific type of fish. The angler can choose these based on the weather or the clarity of the water. For example, light and bright coloured lures are suitable for clear water on a sunny day, while dark ones are good for muddy water and cloudy days.

Bobbers – Bobbers are usually small pieces of wood that float and keep the bait closer to the surface. The angler can quickly know if they catch a fish, as then the bobber will sink.

Sinker – For every line, the angler needs a sinker to stabilise the otherwise lightweight hook and bait. Traditionally made with lead, these are now made with tungsten, brass, bismuth and steel as these materials are more environmentally friendly.

Needle-Nose Plier – These are useful in taking the hook out of the catch. They protect the angler from getting hurt while they do so.

Apart from the fishing equipment, one must not forget to take sunglasses, a first aid box, sunscreen and a tackle box. A tackle box is necessary to keep the hooks, lures, bobbers, etc., as it’s always good to have a few extra of these. Australia has several fishing spots to enjoy different kinds of fish. There are over 5000 types of fish species found in Australia, and some uniquely native to Australia. Below are a few tips that might help you to have a successful fishing trip:

  1. Always have necessary equipment handy.
  2. One must always follow the rules. There is a license required in Australia to do fishing. The terms also vary in different states.
  3. It has shown that research always helps. Make sure to research about the kind of weather and what fish to expect.
  4. Always put safety first and be sure to have a first aid kit and knowledge of the nearby medical facilities.

Author name:- Nora George